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We make it simple to build safety systems. Developing innovative products and solutions for machine safety has been our business idea since the company was founded in Sweden in 1988. Our vision is to become “the best partner for machine safety”. Many industries around the world, have discovered how much easier it has become to build protection and safety systems with our components and guidance.


We have great experience of the practical application of safety requirements and standards from both authorities and production. We represent Sweden in standardisation organisations for machine safety and we work daily with the practical application of safety requirements in combination with production requirements.


We deliver everything from a safety solution to complete safety systems for single machines or entire production lines. We combine production demands with safety demands for production-friendly solutions.


We market a complete range of safety products, which makes it easy to build safety systems. We develop these innovative products continuously. Our extensive program of products, safety solutions and our long experience in machine safety makes us a safe partner.

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Pluto safety PLC

Pluto is an All-Master system for dynamic and static safety circuits where inputs and other information are shared over the bus. Multiple safety sensors can be connected to a single input and still achieve the highest level of safety. Pluto has inputs suited for every safety product on the market, and each input function is configured in the accompanying software Pluto Manager.

Pluto is an All-Master safety PLC concept that simplifies the design of safety systems and achieves the highest safety level (category 4/PL e/SIL3).

Vital safety system

Vital is the heart of a solution which makes it possible to connect several safety components in series and supervise them with only one safety controller.

The Vital module is based upon a dynamic single-channel concept as opposed to conventional dual-channel safety relays. A dynamic signal is sent from Vital through all connected sensors, and then returned to Vital which then evaluates the received signal. As each safety sensor inverts the signal, it is possible to detect short circuits or faults in any of the sensors.

Up to 30 dynamic sensors can be connected directly in the safety circuit and be supervised by only one VITAL module. The Vital therefore replaces several safety relays. Safety components with output contacts can be connected to the Vital via low cost Tina adaptors

Tina adaptor units

Connect several different safety components to the Vital/Pluto safety circuit!Tina units adapt the Vital and Pluto dynamic safety circuit signals to safety components with mechanical contacts, such as E-stops, switches and light beams/curtains with dual outputs. This enables safety category 4 according to EN 954-1 for the connected safety components together with the Vital/Pluto control unit. N.B. The Jokab Safety dynamic safety components, i.e. Eden and Spot can directly be connected to the Vital/Pluto circuit without an intermediate Tina unit.

Safety relays

Safety relays from ABB JOKAB Safety are available for all kinds of safety devices. Our safety relays have great flexibility and a wide range of input options. The relays are small and compact with an excellent reliability and safety level (category 4/PL e/SIL3).

Please feel free to contact us for assistance in choosing the correct relay for your application.

RT series

The RT series consists of universal relays that have the most common functions used in safety situations. These safety relays can supervise both your safety devices and the internal safety of your machinery. In addition you can select the safety level required for each installation.
Safety relays from the RT series also comes with other options such as manual or automatic reset. Manual supervised reset can be used for gates and other safety devices that can be bypassed. Automatic reset can be used for small hatches, if deemed acceptable from risk assessment.
These safety relays also has information outputs that follow the inputs and outputs of the relay. These outputs will for example indicate if a gate is open or closed and if the safety relay needs to be reset.

RT6 is a safety relay with 3 NO/1 NC relay outputs.

RT7 is a safety relay with 4 NO/1 NC relay outputs, 2 NO outputs can be delayed for soft stops.

RT9 is a safety relay with 2 NO relay outputs, the relay is only 22,5 mm wide.

BT series

The BT series consist of safety relays designed to connect safety devices, such as emergency stops, directly in the voltage supply circuit to the relay. Despite a maximum built-in width of 22.5 mm the relays are very powerful. These relays can also be used as expansion relays for Pluto to increase the number of outputs.

BT50 is a safety relay with 3 NO safety outputs, 1 NC output (for monitoring purposes) a test input and complete internal supervision.

BT51 is a safety relay with 4 NO safety outputs, test input and complete internal supervision.

JSR series

The JSR series are used for expanding the outputs of safety relays. Stop signals can be delayed and outputs are also provided for function indication.

JSR1T is an expansion relay for increasing the number of safe outputs, the outputs can be delayed.

JSR2A is an expansion relay for greater current switching capacity and for increasing the number of safe outputs.

JSR3T is an expansion relay for increasing the number of safe outputs. The JSR3T provides the system designer with the facility to hardwire selected time delays in steps between 0.5 and 10 seconds.

JSB series

The JSB series consist of specialized safety relays for e.g. two hand devices with dual channel synchronization.

JSBRT11 is a flexible universal safety relay with many outputs (7 NO + 2 NC relay outputs).

JSBR4 is a safety relay for two hand devices and many other safety devices.

JSBT4 is a safety relay with synchronised dual input channels (within 0.5s).

JSBT5 is a small, single channel relay with 3 NO/1 NC relay outputs for 12 VDC or 24 VDC/AC.

E Series

By connecting expansion relays to a safety relay it is easy to increase the number of safe outputs. This means that an unlimited number of dangerous machine operations and functions can be stopped from one safety relay.

E1T is an expansion relay for increasing the number of safe outputs. E1T can also give safe delayed stop signals.

JSH Series

The JSH series safety relays are used for time reset, time bypassing and inching.

JSHT1 is a safety timer for time reset and time bypassing. The JSHT1 closes two independent relay outputs during a guaranteed maximum time when the inputs are opened.

JSHT2 is a safety timer for inching and time bypassing. The JSHT2 closes two independent relay outputs during a guaranteed maximum period of time when the inputs are closed.

Light beams/light curtains/scanner

FOCUS Light Curtains

The Focus II units are optical safety devices intended for applications where it is of great importance to protect persons from a dangerous machine, robot or other automated systems where it is possible to access to a dangerous area. Light barrier protection is also a good safety component for use when goods are to be passed in and out of a risk area.A light curtain has several beams that are placed closely together. When a light beam is interrupted a dual stop signal is given to the dangerous machines inside the light curtain protected area.Focus II light curtains are cost-efficient since most functions are integrated. Features such as muting, override, blanking and break functions are standard in all light curtains. Focus II is simplicity itself to install and you can easily set up the functions you desire by using the switches at the bottom of the light curtain. The light curtains are available in 14/30 mm resolution. 

SPOT Light Beams

Spot is a light beam for photoelectric guarding of an entrance or around a risk area.
The Spot light beam has separate transmitters/receivers that can be mounted at different heights and be angled around a machine using our mirrors and brackets. The construction allows individually selected position/Installation.

LOOK Scanner

Look is a laser scanner with the ability to scan four individual areas. Each area can be programmed individually for the specific application, making it ideal for auto-carriers that need to operate along different paths. Each area consists of one personnel protection field with maximum 4 m radius, and one warning field of maximum 15 m radius. Changing between the areas is easily achieved using additional sensors.The small design makes it easy to install. Look is not affected by ambient light levels (sun etc) or welding arcs/sparks.

Safety switches, Sensors


Eden is a non-contact safety sensor for interlocked doors and safe position sensing. With compact dimensions, a large sensing distance and a very flexible mounting, Eden is appreciated in a wide range of applications.

Eden exists as high level coded and low level coded according to EN ISO 14119. Eden M12 connector speeds up installation and exchange. With an IP69K protection class as standard and a wide operating temperature range, Eden can be used in extreme environments. Extensive indication facilitates troubleshooting.

Sense7 Magnetic Switch

The coded non-contact switches Sense7 are designed to interlock hinged, sliding or removable guard doors. Its design makes it advantageous to operate in environments that require the highest level of safety.

The magnetic switch is small in size which makes it easy to position and hide on gates and hatches. Sense7 is resistant to both dirt and water, and has no dust collecting cavities, which make it useful in environments where hygiene is paramount.

Mkey Interlock

The MKey interlock safety switches are designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards. They are designed to fit the leading edge of sliding, hinged or lift off machine guards.

Safety Locks


Knox is a robust and strong safety and process lock that guarantees no one can gain access to hazardous machinery parts until it has completely stopped.

Knox is a double lock that complies with the highest safety level (two lock cylinders with monitored positions) that can be used both as a safety and process lock. The locking function is electrically controlled and is bi-stable, i.e. it retains its position (unlocked/locked) in the event of a power failure.

The handles operate as they would on a normal door but the exterior handle also have a reset function, why a separate reset button is not necessary. It is always possible to open the door from the inside, using the emergency stop handle.

The design and durability of the lock makes it ideal for harsh environments as the sensors are non-contact and the lock is manufactured of stainless steel. Knox is available in a number of adaptations such as left-hung door, right-hung door, inward and outward opening, with manual unlocking and for sliding door.

Magne magnetic lock

Magne is a magnetic lock intended for electrical locking of doors and hatches to production applications that are sensitive to unintentional/unnecessary interruptions.

Magne can withstand demanding conditions and is suitable for industrial applications. It can electrically keep a door closed against a force of up to 1500 Newton, and in addition has no magnetic field when the current is switched off.

Dalton Process lock

Dalton is a small and robust process lock that can operate in most conditions.

Dalton is a locking unit that is intended for use in preventing unnecessary process stoppages, i.e. it is not a safety lock. It can be used either as a free-standing lock or integrated with Eden as a safety sensor. In the unlocked state the door is held closed by a ball catch and in locked state the balls are mechanically blocked so the lock tongue cannot be pulled out.

Emergency Stops


Smile is a small and cost effective emergency stop

In order to fulfil the need for a small and easy to install emergency stop, Smile was developed. The size of the device makes it possible to be installed wherever you want. With M12 connection/s or cable and centralised mounting holes Smile is very easy to install, especially on aluminium extrusions.


Inca 1 is an emergency stop for enclosure installation.

Inca 1 is designed for installation in 22.5 mm holes on cabinets. The connection is made in cabinets via a removable terminal which also have excellent measuring points. Inca 1 is also available with a black pushbutton and used as a safety stop. In the emergency stop button there is a LED that displays current status.


The EStrong is an emergency stop designed to provide a robust unit in exposed and severe environments. Perfect for industries that have special demands.

An optional feature gives the EStrong a two colour LED that can be seen easily from a distance.

The EStrong is available in a total rugged stainless steel 316 body, developed for applications such as food processing and chemical industry. EStrong has an IP69K enclosure protection and therefore can be high pressure hosed with detergent at high temperature.

EStrong is also available in a version approved by ATEX and IECEx for use in hazardous areas where explosive conditions exists.


LineStrong Emergency stop grab wire safety switches are designed to be mounted on machines and sections of conveyors which cannot be protected by guards. In contrast to traditional mushroom head type Emergency stop buttons, Emergency stop grab wire safety switches can initiate the emergency command from any point along the installed wire length, and thereby provide robust emergency stop protection for exposed conveyors and machines.

LineStrong are available in several versions to meet different needs. All switches are robust and can withstand severe environments. Depending on the environment where LineStrong will be used, different material can be chosen. The stainless steel housings are designed specifically to withstand the harsh environments found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. LED indicators are standard on many of the switches to enable switch status to be viewed from a distance.

LineStrong2 and LineStrong3 are also available in versions approved by ATEX and IECEx for use in hazardous areas where explosive conditions exists.

Contact edges, Bumpers and Safety Mats

Contact Edges

Contact edges are used to protect against crush injuries where there are moving machine parts, automatic hatches and doors.

Contact Bumpers

Bumpers are used as safety buffers to protect against remote control transport vehicles and other dangerous moving objects that require long stopping distances.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are used as personal protection within the dangerous areas around presses, robots, production lines, machines etc. Our safety mats are available in different sizes with or without built-in ramp edge trim.

Industrial Safety Fence systems

Quick Guard

Quick-Guard is a very flexible fencing system consisting of a minimum of different components, such as aluminium profiles, patented assembly parts, net-locks, mesh, solid or noise reduction panels.

Thanks to our patented screw-lock system, we can supply all brackets pre-mounted with fixing screws and nuts. No holes need to be drilled in the profiles and all cuts are made straight. Assembly and modification is therefore very easy.

By utilising our AutoCAD-based SafeCAD program we are able to make system designs in 3-D very quickly. Drawings, cutting lists, etc. are generated from SafeCAD and the drawings can also be used for installation purposes.

It is always easy to combine Quick-Guard E with Quick-Guard to achieve a complete system. It is also easy to adjust and modify when the production equipment is modified and/or moved.

Quick Guard E

Quick-Guard E (Express) is installed quickly and cost effectively because it only consists of patented net-locks, welded mesh, panels of polycarbonate, u-profiles and fence posts (profiles with floor-brackets).

All parts for Quick-Guard and pre-assembled doors are delivered immediately from stock. The few components of the fencing system make it easy for you to custom build and install the fencing system yourselves.

The strength of the fencing system originates from the fact that the welded mesh and/or panels of polycarbonate are ‘locked’ into the profile. The outer wire of the mesh is locked by uniquely designed ‘netlocks’ into the profile making the fixing virtually as strong as being welded.

It is always easy to combine Quick-Guard E with Quick-Guard standard to achieve a complete system. It is also easy to adjust and modify the guarding system when production equipment is modified and/or moved.

Safety Roller Doors

Safety Roller Doors make it possible to have a short safety distance to the machine.

The noise absorbing roller door is compact and it can therefore be placed in narrow spaces. It is easy and quick to access the machine or gain access for servicing with the Safety Roller Door.

It demands a minimum of maintenance and offers reliable operation. To be able to start the machine/plant the door has to be completely closed. The closed position is monitored by the Eden non-contact sensor from ABB.

The roller door protects against ejected particles, such as chips and welding splash. The roller door fabric is also resistant towards a great number of chemicals, which permits it to be installed in harsh environments.

The Safety Roller Door is simple to assemble because it consists of few components and it is supplied partly pre-assembled. It can be integrated into the Quick-Guard fencing system from ABB as well as in other types of fencing systems. It can also be installed on the machine or other permanent construction.


ABB provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.

Power supplies

Primary switch mode power supplies
The CP range offers newest technology in a compact construction of power supplies. Modern power supply units are a vital component in most areas of energy management and automation technology. ABB as your global partner in these areas pays the utmost attention to the resulting requirements. Innovation is the key to a substantial enlargement of our power supply product program.

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Connection devices / Terminal Blocks

ABB proposes one of the largest connection offering on the market with various technologies: screw, PI-Spring, (Push-in and spring), spring, IDC, pluggable, stud… technologies found in over 8000 products and solutions.

Main benefits
High quality products: benefit from the best connection.
Simplification and acceleration of flows: reliable expertise in delivery times.
Innovating for tomorrow’s solutions.
Perfect connection reliability in response to all connection challenges.

Main features
Connecting capacity from 0.22 to 300 mm² (22AWG to 1000kcmil).
Large offering covering all applications and functions.
Worldwide availability.

Exclusive solutions and technologies like ADO System® terminal blocks, ESSAILEC® test blocks, Interfast the pre-wiring system for PLC’s.

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Enclosed Switches

Our range of enclosed switches is one of the most complete in the market. Whether you need a main disconnect or a safety switch, you can always find a high quality product that suits your application.

Our offering includes enclosed switch-disconnectors, switch fuses and safety switches. The enclosures are made of plastic, sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

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ABB’s softstarters increase a motor’s lifetime by protecting it from electrical stresses. They do so by letting you optimize starting currents that with conventional starting methods put lots of stress on the motor. With many built-in motor protection features, your motor is safe in its hands. ABB’s softstarters are also installation-friendly and can cut your assembly and start-up time by being easy to use and easy to learn. With everything that you need in one unit, from bypass contactor to overload protection, a single softstarter makes for a compact and complete starting solution. Furthermore, with many application specific features, ABB’s softstarters can ultimately help you increase productivity. Torque control, pump cleaning and many more features let you do more than simply softstarting.

Main benefits
Secure motor reliability
Improve installation efficiency
Increase application productivity

Main features
Offering: PSTX, PST(B), PSE, PSR and PSS
ABB’s softstarters cover any motor application from 3 A to 1810 A
Reduced starting current and less electrical stress on the motor and the network
Fast and easy to install and set-up with a small footprint
Reduced mechanical wear and tear on mechanical equipment

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Pilot devices

From the smallest inside component to the outer tough shell, ABB’s pilot devices are pieces of engineering ingenuity. Reliable, flexible and available worldwide – just as ABB.
A quality experience throughout.

Main benefits
Extremely robust and reliable
Identical look outside the panel makes mixing compact and modular range easy
A complete offering to meet any customer need.

Main features
High IP ratings
Fulfils major international standards

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Circuit breakers

Products that have been designed to increase efficiency in all installations: from industrial and naval applications to traditional and renewable power generation installations, buildings, data centers and shopping centers.

High quality, accuracy and reliability are key features for ABB low voltage circuit-breakers. High performances in any conditions, safe-to-use products and easy replacements of components are always guaranteed.

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Electronic Products and Relays

ABB offers the most extensive range of electronic timers, measuring and monitoring relays, interface relays and power supplies in the industry – allowing you to source your critical components from one global supplier. Increase reliability of your process equipment with control devices that provide intelligent signals and adjustments to ensure maximum availability.

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