Applied Laser Power (ALP) provides integrated, turn-key laser and safety solutions to the South African industrial trade environment. Supported as the elected agents to six global partners in South Africa, ALP draws on the expertise of industry leaders in service-driven consultancy within the materials processing, handling and industrial control equipment trades.


Our expertise includes:

  • Lasers systems and Laser sources for materials processing including welding, cutting, hardening, cladding and marking.
  • Laser process optics and complete laser beam paths in order to provide our solutions with a focused spot on the work piece including fiber laser welding and cutting heads, laser welding, laser cutting, beam switch units, laser optics and bending units.
  • End of arm robotic solutions including Robotic tool changing, gripping, material handling and collision sensing.
  • Industrial safety products and safety systems including Machine Risk Assessment and the implementation of the systems to provide a safe solution for operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Cutting and welding systems tailored to your specific manufacturing needs.

News Flash!

Applied Robotics, Inc. Launches a New Line of Tool Changers with a Lifetime Guarantee*
Glenville, New York - Applied Robotics, Inc. (ARI), a leading international provider of automation end-of-arm-tooling and connectivity solutions is proud to announce the debut of a new Tool Changer line the Epsilon Tool Changer series.
The Epsilon family of Tool Changers incorporates the best features and benefits of three previous generations of ARI tool changers with added functionality and enhancements. The Epsilon Tool Changers are available in a wide range of payloads from 10kg to 1,500kg.

Applied Robotics Vice President and Director of Engineering, Stefan Casey says, “This is an evolution of the Applied Robotics Tool Changer. Our cam locking mechanism design has stood the test of time and is proven to provide superior reliability and performance. In fact, we are so confident in our locking mechanism that we offer a lifetime guarantee*.” Casey continues, “Incorporation of additional safety features, the increased need for a broad spectrum of automation applications, and customer feedback were primary considerations in the design of the Epsilon Tool Changers. New features and benefits include;

· Improved size to payload ratio,
· Minimal required maintenance provides a low cost of ownership,

· Utilizing high strength materials,

· Cam locking mechanism featuring a multi-profile and self-centering cam design with a mechanical locking feature to ensure that the Robot Adaptor and Tool Adaptor remain connected in the event of loss of power or air,

· High Resistance to torsion loads provided by coupling design allows the tool changer to maintain rotational repeatability and
perform like new throughout its lifetime,

· Couple/Uncouple sensing available on all models,

· Improved flexibility with a direct robot bolt pattern design to limit the need for adaptor plates,

· Compatible with existing Applied Robotics modules.”

“We are excited to unveil the new Epsilon product line; which represents the culmination of several years of engineering
research, development and testing.”

*Please see Tool Changer Manuals for components that make up the operating cam locking mechanism of the Epsilon Tool

Our Global Partners


Rofin is an innovative leader in the industrial laser technology market. We’re determined to deliver the most powerful, innovative manufacturing tools to a wide range of industries.


Since 1983 Kugler has been manufacturing ultra precise air-bearing and hydrostatic bearing precision machines which are among the best in the world.

Applied Robotics

A leading global provider of specialized end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions designed to meet unique application and market needs.

ABB – Low Voltage Products (LVP)

Provides a full range of low voltage solutions to connect, protect, control as well as measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics and electromechanical devices.


Since 1993, SAF and FRO have been integrated into the Air Liquide Welding group, which allows our customers to benefit from the best welding and cutting.


DILAS manufactures high-power diode laser components and systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths including fiber-coupled, direct beam and integrated solutions.