Specialized solutions in wrist-down robotics for your industry or application.

For decades, Applied Robotics has been the company that industries turn to when their productivity is being stalled by their existing tooling options — or when there are no workable options to turn to.

We specialize in solving those problems with industry-specific, application-specific tooling solutions. Refining the technology. Finding the routes to higher productivity and delivering these innovative solutions to industries worldwide.

That’s why we’re uniquely positioned to develop specialized tooling solutions that can offer you a competitive advantage.

MXC Range

MXC75 connection technology is designed as a compact industrial connection system. Its modular configuration allows for quick, yet customized robotic solutions for systems requiring frequent connection and disconnection.

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CXC Range

When it comes to robotics, maximizing uptime is critical. That’s why Applied Robotics has designed our CXC30 robotic tool changer to perform multiple functions in a single work cell easily and efficiently.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Highly repeatable: ± 0.025 mm
  • Positive pick-up and release of tools for easy programming
  • Even at 0 bar the maximum axial tensile force is 9078 kb
  • High strength to weight ratio

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Sigma Range

The Sigma robotic tool changer offers a high strength to weight ratio and a low profile to maximize robot load capability, while enhanced modularity and interchangeability increase flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Unique wear-compensating, fail-safe cam latching mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • Highest payload capacity – From 300kg up to 500kg
  • Unique six-sided design accommodates more utilities
  • A Sigma 5.1 and Sigma 3.1 common profile provides modularity and allows for interchange ability of utility modules
  • Eliminate adaptor plates for lower weight, and increased strength and efficiency
  • Low profile reduces inertial forces
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications

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Sigma NextGen Tool Changer

To keep pace with the development of higher dynamic robots and the need to address an increased payload range, Applied Robotics has released the Sigma NextGenTM robotic tool changer.

Features and Benefits

  • Driver/Cam geometry provides increased moment and acceleration capabilities to handle today’s high dynamic robots
  • Unique design to minimize wear and stress for increased longevity
  • Three cam design enables robust coupling under the most extreme load conditions
  • Maintains safety with a coupled mechanism during loss of compressed air
  • Incorporates the best design features of ball & collet and a cam into one mechanism
  • Emergency manual unlock feature
  • High payload capacity
  • Sigma’s unique six-sided design accommodates more utilities
  • A common profile in the entire Sigma line of Tool Changers provides modularity and allows for interchangeability of utility modules
  • Supports wide variety of servo tools and bus communications

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Applied Robotics’ QuickSTOP collision sensors are at work on just about every type of assembly line in the world – proof of their value. With dynamically variable trip points and permanent repeatability, they’re uniquely designed to help protect your investment in automation equipment and resources.

Our collision sensors have worked to solve our customers’ more specialized application challenges – in assembly, dispensing, material handling and welding.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamically variable trip points
  • Permanent repeatability
  • Use on linear actuators, robots, pick-and-place machines
  • Detects angular, rotational and compressive forces

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Applied Robotics offers a wide variety of grippers for every application challenge – angular and parallel motion grippers, miniature, low profile grippers, sealed grippers, long jaw travel grippers, 180-degree jaw motion grippers and electric/servo grippers. Applied Robotics also offers a select line of electric grippers created for small applications that are plug and play and especially suited for lab automation.

Electric Gripper

Our electric grippers are designed for use with robotic and other automated systems. All motion control capability is included in the gripper housing; no auxiliary control hardware is required. They feature serial interfaces that connect the gripper to a robot controller, PLC or computer. Alternatively, programs can be stored in EEPROM within the gripper and activated by discrete inputs.

Features and Benefits

  • 30, 50, 84, or 150 mm of finger travel
  • Repeatability within +/- 0.1 mm
  • Variable grip force
  • Optional fingers to suit your specific application
  • Power/communication cable provided
  • Easy installation/integration allows you to quickly start using your gripper

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Pneumatic Gripper

Our multi-jaw pneumatic grippers (including parallel and toggle, including 2 and 3 jaw versions, parallel grippers, O-ring grippers, angular grippers, rotary actuators, power and linear slides, linear thrusters, mini powered slides, feed escapements and gripper and rotary modules) can be customized with a variety of unique fingers to handle just about anything. Jaws move in a synchronous motion, opening and closing toward the central axis of the gripper body, providing more contact with the part to be grasped and more accurate centring.

Features and Benefits

  • Close tolerances with supported jaw guides in treated steel for maximum durability and grip force
  • Jaws have both top and side mounting locations for fingers
  • Side and top access to pneumatic ports
  • Sensor ready
  • 10 million cycle life
Heavy Duty Bag Gripper

Applied Robotics’ heavy duty bag gripper is designed for palletizing applications involving the placement of various sizes and weights of bags over 50 lbs. It features split-fork design and clamp pads to prevent misalignment and maintain palletizing consistency.

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of 20+ cycles per minute, dependent upon robot and distance traveling
  • Capable of palletizing bags over 50 lbs./22.68 kg
  • A sensor to verify presence/absence of bag in the gripper
  • Utilizes dry lube bearings and is hard coated for protection in extreme environments
  • All electrical connections between valves, sensors and the junction box, as well as the electrical cable and connector, are provided for easy robot integration

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