Welding in partnership

Saf-Fro, a brand owned by Air Liquide Welding. Since their foundation in 1909 and 1924, SAF and FRO have never ceased to participate in the evolution of the welding and cutting profession. At the beginning, using the autogeneous oxyacetylene flame welding technique, SAF (La Soudure Autogène Française) and FRO (Fabbriche Riunite Ossigeno) were presented as the most important companies on the welding markets in France and Italy. Since 1993, SAF and FRO have been integrated into the Air Liquide Welding group, which allows our customers to benefit from global solutions, processes, gases, equipment and consumables. SAF and FRO are now united to provide the best welding and cutting.

Automatic Welding / Cutting Equipment

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Automatic Welding Equipment

Plasma and Tig

The plasma arc is now widely used in the steel, chemical and mechanical engineering industries. As market leader in this sector, Air Liquide Welding has turned it into a powerful cutting and welding tool. It is generally accepted that the plasma welding process is the major technological advance from inert gas shielded free arc welding (the TIG process).

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TOPTIG process is a major innovation in the world of Robotic welding. Developed in the Air Liquide Welding research centre, TOPTIG is a new process development from arc welding classical solutions. This new process can be used effectively on carbon or stainless steel plates up to 3 mm as well as on Titanium or Nickel alloys or on galvanized sheets with weld brazing.

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Positioning Equipment

Positioning equipment from Air Liquide Welding can be adapted to all welding needs:
• Comfortable for the operator,
• Correct welder position,
• Elimination of fatigue due to manipulations,
• In the automatic mode, it provides the assurance of regular and high-quality welding. Further, positioning is extremely easy and the work is done faster, more rationally and more safely.

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Welding Consumables

Please contact us to choose the correct welding consumable for your application.
We supply a broad range of welding accessories including:
• MMA Electrodes
• MIG / MAG Cored Wire
• MIG/ MAG Solid Wire – TIG Rods
• Submeged ARC Welding accessories and Flux
• Flame Filer Metal

Automatic Cutting
Automatic machines using the plasma and oxycutting processes for high-quality cutting

For cutting non-alloy or low-alloy steels, stainless steels and/or light alloys, Air Liquide Welding can provide solutions for a wide range of applications. The possibility of combining the numerous processes and their possibilities gives you a wide choice of solutions and diversifications so that you can target your investment to suit your needs.

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