Kugler Laser Optics – 30 years of experience in ultra-precision engineering and metal optics manufacturing! When talking about reflective optics and optical systems for laser industries, machine builders, and laser users, Kugler is first choice: not only for manufacturing state-of-the-art laser products, but also for consulting, development, and training. From simple laser mirrors to highly aspheric adaptive optics, from standard bending units to complex multi-axis NC focusing heads – we provide state-of-the-art products and most competent customer care.


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The classic field of application for metal optics: Resonator mirror, beam guidance system and focusing lenses in laser machining systems from a few 100 watt to several 10 kilowatt.
Robust, with water cooling, protective coated or even adaptive. From the simple plano mirror to the aspheric multi-facet mirror: Standard and OEM version, small and large quantities, economical and always in reliable Kugler quality.

Flat Mirrors

The classic metal mirror for beam bending in all beam paths, from simple measurement setup to high performance laser in the multi-kilowatt range.

Tilted Flat Mirrors

90° beam bending in a compact design: for laser focusing heads and other angle-critical applications.

Parabolic Mirrors

Focusing mirrors for accurate working in all laser power classes with coatings for roughest ambient conditions.

Spheric Mirrors

Spheric mirrors for simple beam shaping, as a component of beam expansion telescopes or also for simple focusing tasks.

Toroid Mirrors

Optimized beam guidance in laser machining systems (beam waist positioning); as a focusing mirror for long focal lengths.

Ellipsoid Mirrors

Geometrically precise imaging of a light source (e.g. fiber end) onto the workpiece; focusing in laser cutting and welding heads with integrated beam expansion.


Adaptive Mirror

Dynamic beam and focus positioning in laser cutting and welding systems.

Rooftop Mirror

Rooftop mirror for beam splitting e.g. for the generation of a twin focus to optimize laser welding applications (Twin focus technique).


Integrator Mirror

Laser intensity homogenization with the proven KUGLER patent: Focusing mirror KIS for producing a defined focused spot, e.g. for hardening

Resonator Mirrors

Flat, cylindrical, spherical and aspherical mirrors, with or without water cooling, specially for use in CO2 laser resonators.

Special Mirrors

Customer-specific solutions, economically produced, more than 20 years of experience of the KUGLER GmbH in laser technique.

Laser Coatings

Functional surface coatings for laser mirrors: Increased reflection and mechanical protection.

Cleaning Set

Clearly arranged, perfectly matched and always at hand: The KUGLER cleaning set for metal optics.


The optics alone does not make a laser: Focusing heads, beam switches, bending units, polarizers – all these sophisticated Kugler system components, equipped with metal optics, allow laser systems to be easily set up for all fields of application in the industry or in laboratories, for retrofitting in existing systems or for designing new laser systems.

Fiber Laser Head

Today’s fiber lasers provide highest laser powers for welding or cutting from remarkably compact laser sources, with a very good beam quality. The new laser head LK190F made by KUGLER matches the requirements for a modern fiber laser focusing head: Compact, reliable, and best optical quality!

Laser Welding Heads

From the simple focusing mirror holder to the complex motor-driven system with cross-jet protection or even as hybrid welding head.

Laser Cutting Heads

Cutting with mirror optics for flat bed systems and three-dimensional applications – with or without non-contact distance sensors.

Bending Units

Beam bending at an angle of 90° or just at 5°, sensitive alignment and highest pointing stability. For flat, spheric, toroid and adaptive mirrors. Aperture 35 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm.

Adaptive Mirror System

Dynamic beam waist adapting or variation of the effective focal length: versatile expansion of the operative range of modern laser welding and cutting systems.

Laser Beam Expanders

KUGLER KST – A series of beam expanders featuring direct water-cooled copper mirrors for highest laser powers.

Beam Switches

Short switching times, high cycle times, robust design: Pneumatically operated beam switches “SW” for industrial use.

BRS System

New with KUGLER: Suppression of dangerous back reflections e.g. in laser welding units with polarization-optical mirror components.

Special Components

NC heads (laser heads with motor-driven rotational axes), expansion telescopes and other customer-specific beam guiding components.