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DILAS manufactures high-power diode laser components and systems in a wide range of output powers and wavelengths including fiber-coupled, direct beam and integrated solutions.

Today, with over 350 employees worldwide, DILAS’ strengths are in quality engineering, process control, product development and volume manufacturing of a world-class product line for the medical, diode-pumped solid-state pumping, defence, graphic arts and materials processing markets.

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Offering an unparalleled range of wavelengths from 450nm to 2300nm, DILAS delivers the broadest range of high-power diode laser products from mounted bars to elements to fully configured turn-key systems. Due to their compact size, high-power and robust optical elements, DILAS’ products provide solutions for a broad range of applications within the medical, diode-pumped solid-state pumping, defence, graphic arts and materials processing markets.

Single Emitters

DILAS introduces a fiber-coupled, single emitter module that emits 10W continuous wave (CW) power at 976nm from a single, 200 micron broad area emitter. Available in a high heat load (HHL) package, this easy-to-integrate, high-brightness, 976nm, multimode diode laser is ideal for medical applications. These fiber-coupled devices are environmentally-sealed and include integrated photodiode and thermistor, as well as an integrated thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The detachable fiber can be controlled via the fiber interlock.

Conduction-Cooled, Single Bars

DILAS offers the widest range of conduction-cooled diode laser single bar configurations in the market. Choose CW or QCW operations in a range of beam heights, sealed and compact housings with wavelengths from 630nm to 2200nm. From industry standard inch 1″ x 1″ footprint heat sinks to narrow heat sink designs for side-by-side arrangements, DILAS offers the broadest range of reliable conduction-cooled easy-to-integrate diode laser bars.

Vertical Stacked Arrays


Used as pumps for target designators and range finders, DILAS’ QCW diode laser stacks are field proven in countless regions, worldwide. These devices have been tested at high temperatures, under thermal cycling as well as with shock and vibration. Hence, these pulsed diode laser modules offer highest robustness and quality you can rely on. Stacked arrays in this powerful QCW product line are also utilized in large assemblies to produce high-energy laser beams for radiation physics and to facilitate laser-driven fusion for energy production.

Vertical Stacked Arrays


As the first to commercialize copper micro-channel heat sinks, DILAS’ experience is unrivalled. With several hundred thousand units in the field, DILAS supports a variety of applications and customers. Water-cooled diode laser stacks offer the highest brightness because of dense packaging techniques and the best thermal impedance. Power levels up to 200W CW per bar are supported. With the largest selection of housings in the market, DILAS can configure either vertically stacked or two dimensional arrangements according to customer specifications with fast-axis or both-axis collimation. Applications range from direct materials processing to medical and slab or disk laser pumping of laser crystals.

Horizontal Stacked Arrays

DILAS offers a variety of horizontal diode laser stacked arrays from two through thirteen bars in a horizontal line with wavelengths in CW or QCW operations. These extremely powerful stacked arrays can be arranged in either a side-by-side arrangement or any other custom pattern in order to deliver maximum power density needed for side pumping of solid-state laser applications.

In addition, these water-cooled stacked arrays are designed for star-fold side-pumped diode pump solid-state laser configurations.

Direct Beam Sources

Our homogenized conduction-cooled, diode laser, multi-bar modules are based on DILAS’ micro-optics beam shaping expertise. By using this concept, DILAS obtains a 95% homogenized intensity profile. The spot geometries can vary from line sources e.g. 12mm x 300µm to areal sources with e.g. 52mm x 2mm and 12mm x 12mm.

DILAS offers an extensive range of direct beam sources which produce either a line-beam or an a real-beam at the target with power levels of 35W up to 600W based on single-bar and multi-bar architecture. These direct beam sources have a compact footprint, high-efficiency and beam homogeneity of >95%.

Customized focus geometries are also possible. Designed for materials processing applications such as plastics welding, thermal annealing and brazing, these homogenized, multi-bar modules are also ideal for soldering, recrystallization or drying of surfaces in solar cell production applications.

Conduction-cooled, multi-bar modules are available with optional features to include a power sensor and user exchangeable protection window. Each DILAS module is manufactured according to the industry’s highest standards, resulting in stable sources achieving high optical efficiency and, reduction in capital expenditures and operating costs.

Components Accessories

DILAS has just the right diode laser accessories to support your application and integrates its products into high quality production lines for industrial applications.

Fiber Cables

DILAS provides fiber cables for multimode with core diameters at 200µm, 300µm, 400µm, 600µm or 800µm.


Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser Systems

Compact, easily to be equipped with optional accessories and to be integrated into industrial manufacturing lines, the fiber-coupled solutions allow maximum flexibility and are extremely versatile.  In particular, diode laser sources enable large working areas and small spot sizes at highest laser efficiency offering low cost of ownership due to its compact size and fiber delivery capabilities.
DILAS’ fiber-coupled, turn-key diode laser systems are available in output powers of 30W to 2.5kW with output from 200μm, 300μm, or 400μm, 0.22NA fibers. Ideal for fiber laser pumping and materials processing applications.

Industrial Laser Systems

Direct Diode Laser Systems

DILAS’ SD3000 system is complete and comes turn-key with a water-water heat exchanger as well as power supply diode laser driver. The integrated new standardized DLC control unit provides external interfaces such as analog/digital interface as well as CANopen or other BUS interfaces, making integration into material processing workstations easy. The system is equipped with pilot beam for positioning purposes. The DILAS SD3000 is ideal for materials applications: surface treatment (hardening) that need large spot geometries.

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